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Come down to Prahran Skatepark this Friday, October the 12th to help donate product for the opening of the first mini Ramp in the Western Desert of Central Australia. 

Skateboarding is finally starting to hit the remote Aboriginal Communities of Australia where activities for young people are crucially needed. Thanks to the amazing efforts of legends Binnie Nicholas, Duane Cairns Chase and Adam Hough who volunteered to build the Mini Ramp, the community of Papunya, which lies 250 km's North-west finally has it's own ramp. 

The project was a community led initiative, made possible by the limited funds of the local Authority who decided to allocate a portion of their funds to the Youth of Papunya. The ramp is now finished but to get the project up and running the locals need skateboards!

Elliot Fleming from Melbourne is the Team-Leader of the Papunya Youth Program and will be driving from Melbourne back to the Community of Papunya next week. He is hoping to bring back as much product for the program as he can get his hands on so he can start running an engaging the skateboarding program with the MacDonnell Regional Council.

Street Machine will also be donating product and also, we know a lot of skaters out there will have a bunch of old product sitting at home that is too good to throw away but doesn't actually get used. Bring it down to Prahran Skatepark and send it to a good home this Friday afternoon. 

Boards, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Shoes, Pads, Helmets and even spare T-tools will all be greatly appreciated. In Alice Springs there are no skate shops and product like this is extremely difficult to afford for people living in remote communities with limited employment opportunities. Titjikala and Santa Teresa are two other communities in the Eastern Desert which also have ramps. Any excess product will be given to them, so we can't raise too much! There will be a BBQ at Prahran skatepark for everyone from 4.30pm so come down and have a good time whilst helping spread skateboarding through outback OZ to kids who need it.

Anyone who donates product will receive a 20% voucher redeemable from any Street Machine store by October the 14th.




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