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Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California. Established in 1978. Street Machine carries Indy hardware and apparel including trucks, bushings, bearings, tees and more


What is the difference between the Independent Trucks available?

Over the years Independent Trucks have had modifications and evolved, the current standard truck design is the Stage 11. it is available in four different variants.

Independent Standards

Independent Trucks standards

Durable, high performance truck for all types of skateboarding. this is as basic as it gets, no frills and does the job. High quality 356 T6 heat treated aluminum constriction with Grade 8 high tensile chrome alloy steel axles and kingpins. Stock orange mid duro high rebound Supercush suspension bushings and pivot cup.

Independent Hollows

Independent Trucks hollows

Pretty much the same as the Indy Standard but with a hollow axle to cut out some weight.

Independent Forged Hollow

Independent Trucks forged hollow

These trucks have a forged base plate which is a bit lighter stronger than the cast base plates. It is made forging the metal in a press rather than pouring molten metal into a mold. They feature a high tensile steel and chromoly alloy hollow axle and kingpin.

Independent Forged Titanium

Independent Trucks forged titanium

This is your top shelf Indy. Ultra lightweight truck with the highest strength to weight ratio. 15% lighter than Standard Independent Trucks.

  • 356 T6 Aluminum hanger
  • Solid Titanium axle
  • Forged Aluminum base-plate
  • Hollow Chromoly kingpin
  • Supercush suspension with cylinder shaped bottom cushion
  • 15% lighter than Standard Stage 11