To celebrate Prahran skateparks’ long and illustrious history, Street Machine teamed up with DC footwear

on the first weekend of March to throw a tricks for cash grab for the ages.

With the help of OJ wheels, Creature Skateboards and Independent Trucks, the bbq, free product, cash money, and bevvys flowed whilst the OG’s and

young bloods of Prahran came together to make the most of what’s left of Melbourne’s sunny summer days.

Street Machine team Rider Jayden Bauer was there throwing down tricks left right and centre all afternoon. Backside tailslide.

Jeremy Correa made a rare appearance off the B-Ball court with his board under his feet. SW’ back tail shuv.

Yuta Tanaka came through with a massive variety of tricks, SW’ front heel.

Kaito Murai consistently threw down all day. Kicky back lip.

Free snags and a few bevvies, sunshine and good times.

Adelaide Norris rolled through with a steezy frontside nosegrind.

Kaito back tail post back tail biggie.

Street Machine team rider rocked up in time to do this nollie crooks to fakie along the whole ledge.

Jayden Robson Street Machine store manager showing how well he manages business with a massive front 3 out of a frontside tailslide.

Jayden and Mitch Robertom FS & BS smith grinds.

Mitch Robertom – Nosegrind / Kaito Murai – frontside feeble grind.

Jayden – 180 nosegrind 180 out – ultra steeze.

Harrison Herkess with the camera at the ready to log the days clips.

Mitch and Jayden Bauer take a minute to chill before winning more cash.

Mitch with a kicky front board.

DC rider Pat Roberts with a backside nose blunt.

Kaito – FS Noseslide.

Jezza’s creativity is always fun to watch. Ollie up from the bank – ollie up to 50-50 along the top ledge – ollie out into the curved hump.

Young shredders came from all over to skate and win product/cash and enjoy the day.

Praclip hardware threw in a bunch of product to give away which got the boys hyped!

Thanks to all who came out to check out the DC X Street Machine Prahran session. Thanks to Wade Mclaughlin and Harrison Herkess for documenting the event. Skateboarders Journal for the hype and OJ Wheels, Creature Skateboards and Independent Trucks Oz for the support!

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