Brand: NIKE SB


SKU: DO9403-100-8
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This Nike SB Nyjah 3 Honors the Skater's Rastafari roots. 

Following the sneaker's debut in October, multiple colorways of the Nike SB Nyjah 3 have emerged, including "Black/White" and "Enamel Green." Unlike many of these, however, this newly-unveiled option, which clearly draws inspiration from Rastafari culture, tells a more personal story of the skateboarder's upbringing.

This Nike SB Nyjah 3 pays homage to Huston's Rastafarian family by incorporating the three colours associated with the culture: red, yellow, and green. The trio is spread across the upper, painting various fixtures from under and on top of the shoe's white shell. The tones then blend across the two insoles: the left has a medal-inspired graphic, while the right has a Rastafarian silhouette.