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With the benefit of Barcelona’s incredibly skate friendly architecture, the boys at Sour have curated a brand that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. What started as a reaction to an unpopular business decision by European skateboard company Sweet, a chunk of team riders abandoned ship and decided to start Sour. As a collective, the team worked hard day in and day out to get the company off the ground, but it was the skills and style of the multi talented Norweigen, Gustav Tonnessen that took the brand to the next level.

With god-like skills on the board and behind the lens, Tonnessen gained universal recognition with the 2019 blockbuster The Sour Solution II, which included standout parts from Barney Page, Oscar Candon and Tonnessen himself. This video questioned our thoughts on what is possible on a skateboard and changed the way we look at skateboarding as a whole.