Brand: Z-FLEX

Z-FLEX Bamboo surfskate Fish


Our Z-Flex Surfskate’s all utilize patented Waterborne technology to provide amazing turning potential. The Z-Flex Surfskate’s deliver the tightest turns that will never bight and provide responsiveness that allows for amazing speed generation. Don’t mistake this for just another reverse kingpin truck on another cruiser. Our Surfskate’s use asymmetrical design to allow for 3x more turning then an ordinary skate truck. The Z-Smooth wheels are perfect for the grip and slide needed for a Surfskate allowing sharp and tight turns and enough slide to throw the tail.

    Length: 31"

    Width: 9 3/4"

    7 Ply Construction

    6.25" Powder-coated Z-Flex Trucks with 90A Soft Cushions

    Patented Waterborne Surfskate adapter with 3x more turning then an ordinary skate truck.

    63mm 83A  Z-SMOOTH wheels

    14 MM Z-Flex Riser Blocks

    Printed Grip

The Design

A modern day take on Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier with our first ever Bamboo range. Z-Flex has taken iconic images of the beach, the pier and the surf culture of the area and adapted illustrations to bring novelty and a point of difference to standard bamboo cruisers.